A Sketch filled interview

As an aspiring cook, I'm a firm believer in people that perfect something and offer it as is, no fuss, just pure good food. Ahmed can be seen as one of those people, as the man Behind wingsters, the newly established speciality buffalo wings shop in Dubai. ٢٠١٤٠٧١٠-٠٠١٩٥٧-١١٩٧٧٨٩.jpg

He has Focused on seriously perfecting buffalo wings and offering them with a heck of a whole load of sauces to go with them, I find myself craving wings extremely often nowadays and I definitely know who to blame.

Now this interview is a bit different, it looks at showcasing a glimpse of a persons way of thinking and inner thoughts, in an effort to bring forward what makes them who they are, and what better way to do that than have them print out the interview and doodle their way through it as well as boast their drawing skills right?

I leave you now with the interview:

Its messy, its grubby, and I like it just like that, zoom in as much as you want and squint your way through it all!


For more details: www.wingstersuae.com