BBC Good Food features When Shaikha Cook's Kitchen

Lets just start by saying how Nicola Monteath is a super friendly and awesome editor, alongside Anas Cherur which is just as good in his photography. 


This was actually one of the favourite shots of the Kitchen, our kitchen was actually sort of a disaster before this.


It included terrible dark brown cupboards with dark flooring (though it can't get worse? haha!) and well no light. We decided to change the flooring someday, and well that lit up the idea of renovating the kitchen and thats exactly what I did.

My mother is a great interior designer MashaAllah, she has beautiful ways of transforming a place with both buying new pieces alongside keeping the old and pimping it up.

The techniques she used that I love and thank her for till now are:

-Using paint to renovate cupboards, old tables, and old chairs. pain them away! From light pink, to whimsical blue, to shades of green, she did it and it worked.

-Wallpaper in the kitchen, not to detailed and loud, but simple elegant wallpaper that fits in a clean manner.

-Incorporating things that wouldn't necessarily be in a kitchen such as a simple chandelier and etc.

-And Finally, light colours to bring in more light, which was crucial for us.

To read the feature, it'll be available in Good Food Middle East MAY issue.

Greasy burgers & fries,