The Dubai Gourmet Food Trail has come to a successful end

Image As you all know, me and several other inspirational food bloggers have taken part in the Dubai Food Festival's new project "The Dubai Gourmet Trail".

It included a portal on the Dubai Food Festival website with all the restaurants me and my fellow food bloggers recommend you try. From tips, to hidden secrets, to favourite dishes, to do's and don'ts. Its all there and you can still view it and get great info's on dubai rising restaurant scene.


To get a glimpse of everything...Pictured above is one of my Ultimate cheap eats: well made paratha slathered with "Jibn ghrash" which means spreadable cheese, sprinkled with chips oman, and sprayed with shots of spicy and sour daqoos, which kind of resembles Siracha. Extremely delicious and perfect anytime of the day.


Here is a picture of one of my favourite child hood restaurants  that still finds its way to our take out nights. Proper take out Chinese level food.

Now to read all of the reviews me and the other food bloggers have written, kindly visit the link below: