RECIPE : Futoor Arabi

Image Pita Bread, Mhamara (my new Addiction), Lebneh, & a soft Boiled egg.


Pull it apart, & gently place it on top. Viola, we have breakfast. & most specifically, friday breakfast. My favourite day to cook a morning meal, the atmosphere is quiet, my family are asleep, and slowly and slowly breakfast begins to take its full shape & they're welcomed to a table with their breakfast order.

I have here a simple, fresh, & easy breakfast that'll be a delight to dig into.


Ingredients (Serves 4):

-4 Pita breads.

-4 Soft boiled Eggs (6 minutes in Boiling water, peel in an ice bath).

-1 tablespoon of Toasted pine Nuts

-2 Kalmata Olives Each pitted & Sliced Into Four

-4 tablespoons Lebneh.

-2 tablespoons Mhamara.

-1 Cucumber, sliced with a mandolin peeler then sliced into three thin stripes.

-1 tomato, cubed into small cubes.

-Small Handful of Parsley, Stems removed & leaves left intact.

-Duggah (A Saudi Arabian spice mix, you can substitute it with Cumin but if you find it, woho!)


Simply boil the eggs for 6 minutes then immerse them in an ice bath and peel. Toast your pita and slice then in half, lather the bases of the pita with a tablespoon of lebneh each, & 1/2 a tablespoon of mhamara too. Place the freshly sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, & parsley on top. Plummet the olives & pine nuts, then Slice the eggs in half and place them gently on top, sprinkle everything with salt, pepper, & Duggah. & There's your breakfast.

Bel Afya!