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Meet the Wonder fruit.



After receiving a box of kiwis from Zespri, I noticed that this box had kiwis that showed a very different type of skin to the normal kiwis I am familiar with. And as I glared at them & the box they were placed in. I noticed the word "GOLD" written in several locations around the box.

I just received a box of GOLD kiwis!

My mother was walking around the Kitchen, so I called her & began studying a piece I had picked up, we had to try this.

& there you have it, we took a pieces, peeled & tried it.

It was beautiful. They tasted like Kiwis, yet they didnt. I think the yellow Gold color they posses does that, one piece took us to a whole level of freshness & we were in love.

Having showed this love, we even went to the Union Corporation to get another box for a loved one to try it too.

Zespri really impress me by how they have filled their products with love, originality, and upmost care to detail. Here are some photos from labelling to harvesting.





I began looking for delicious ways to incorporate them in my cooking, & in the end I really didn't want to "cook" them, They are beautiful as they are, & I want to preserve that freshness as it is, & add it to a dish to really take it to the next level.

So today I have TWO ideas!

A Tart


& A layered dessert.


Lets start with the tart, its basically a sucre Short crust Pastry with a Mango Curd filling, topped with these gorgeous Gold Kiwis & specks of Raspberries.

To make it:

Sucre ShortCrust Pastry:

-200g flour

-100g icing sugar

-125g butter

-2 egg yolks

-1 tablespoon cold water

To make the pastry, in a processor place the flour & butter and pulse until it resembles coarse bread crumbs. Then add the Icing sugar and mix. Follow with the yolks & the Water. Dont over mix!

Grab the dough and shape it in a ball shape and wrap in plastic wrap then allow to chill for an hour in the fridge before using.

When ready to use, place the dough on a floured surface and roll it until it is thin (around 1/8 an inch) and line your chosen tart tin with it. Prick the base with a fork then place it in a freezer for about 20-30 minutes. meanwhile heat the oven to 200C. Next bake the tart tins BLIND for 15 minutes, to do this simply place a baking paper over the the pastry dough and fill it with pie weights, then remove them and cook in the oven for a further 5 minutes. Keep your eyes on the dough, as it browns easily!

Remove & allow to cool on a wire rack.


Meanwhile, prepare the mango Curd:

-2 cups Alphonso mango puree

-1 egg

-3 egg yolks

-70g sugar

-5 tablespoons cornstarch

-1/2 cup whipped cream

-2 tablespoons fresh orange juice

-1 teaspoon orange zest


-Sliced Zespri GOLD Kiwis

-Fresh Raspberries

In a bowl, mix together the eggs, sugar, and corn starch. & in a pan, heat the mango puree until it just reaches a boil, SLOWLY add it to the egg mixture while whisking continuously. Then return to the heat and stir continuously on Medium low heat until it thickens to a custardy consistency.

Remove, and place the custard in a bowl and allow to cool. When it has cooled, add the whipped cream, zest, and juice and mix until combined. Your curd is ready!

To assemble, simply fill the tart with the custard, top it with the kiwis, and finish off with some raspberries. Refrigerate before serving.


Now to the cups, these are a rich Coconut cake laced between Gold Kiwis, Crushed Fresh Almonds, and Vanilla Bean Custard, all topped off with the Coco Crumb I previously showed you how to make on this post.


For the Coconut cake:

-112 g soft butter

-3/4 cups sugar

-2 eggs

-1 teaspoon vanilla

-1 cup flour

-1/2 teaspoon baking powder

-pinch salt

-1/2 cup milk

-1/2 cup coconut powder.

Mix the butter and sugar until fluffy, add eggs + vanilla, and beat really well until light and doubled & airy. Add the flour + baking powder + salt + coconut + milk and mix until combined, then place in a square tin to bake in a preheated oven of 175C.

Remove and allow to cool on a wire wrack.


Vanilla Pastry Creme:

-1 cup milk

-1/8 teaspoon salt

-1/2 Vanilla Bean, cut and beans scraped

-4 tablespoons sugar

-1 large egg

-2 egg yolks

-25 grams butter

Place 3/4 cups of the milk in a pan with the vanilla bean, allow to just reach a boil then remove and set aside for 20-30 minutes to infuse.

Remove the vanilla bean and add the sugar to the milk and place on the stove & allow the sugar to dissolve. Now begin adding this mixture slowly to the cornstarch mixture while mixing continuously. Return to the heat and mix on medium low heat until thick and glossy.

Sieve into a clean bowl, cover the surface directly with plastic wrap and allow to cool to room temperature before placing it in the fridge to chill until ready to use.

Meanwhile mix the cornstarch with the 1/4 cup of leftover milk and the eggs and begin adding the hot milk mixture slowly while whisking continuously.

Almond mixture:

Simply pound a handful of Almonds in a mortar until coarse pieces are reached.

To assemble:

-Chopped Zespri GOLD kiwis

Cut the coconut cake into circular pieces that fit the cups you have chosen, if they are thick, slice them in 1/2.

Place a layer of cake + A spoonful of Custard + A pinch of Almond Crunch + Fresh Kiwis. Keep making layers & then simply finish it off with Kiwis and a pinch of Cocoa Crumble.

Voila !

To buy a box of luscious GOLD zespri Kiwis, you'll find them in Union Co-ops, Spinneys, Waitrose, Lulu, Geant, Hyperpanda, and Sharjah Co-ops.

& you'll really benefit from following them on Facebook too, here's their international page and their Middle East Page 

Love & Kiwis