What is the difference between heavy cream and whipping cream ? and what exactly is creme fraiche ? and when shopping for them here in dubai what brands of them do you get because i cant seem find heavy cream

Hello there <3 :)

Alright so, Heavy cream is basically just like whipping cream! Its the fatty rich part of milk that is made when they separate it from milk. Its quite richer than milk, and there’s actually no real difference between heavy cream and whipping cream! For example, When making Ice cream, they usually call for “heavy cream” but using whipped cream would make no difference at all as its the same thing!  

Now Creme Fraiche is something that you can compare to sour cream and yoghurt, its like something in the middle, its really rich and thick when compared to heavy cream and whipped cream. Creme Fraiche can be used in maaaany goods such as baked goods (Scones, cakes, and fruit tarts) to savory goods such as a pasta dish or even soup!

I mainly use whipping cream in my cooking and I like to buy Al Marai whipping cream :) 

As for the Creme Fraiche I must say I am not a huge consumer of it therefore I cannot recommend a brand for it, but you can definitely find it in supermarkets in Dubai like spinneys and so

Hope this helps!

If you need any help please dont hesitate to ask :) <3