Chai Karak

Everyone has a way of making Chai Karak in the UAE, each house adds a certain extra ingredient that makes it taste different from house to house. The one we make at home isn’t actually my recipe. And the secret to the taste we get is actually the tea we use. We buy it from a lovely local lady that sells many food creations from her home business, and her tea is of great quality, therefore produces a great cup of Chai Karak!

The instructions come with the packet of tea leaves that we purchase regularly from her, and they never fail to warm our tummies with a fresh cup of milky chai karak. 

There’s been a lot of demand from you guys regarding the making of Chai Karak, so here’s a step-by-step post about it guys! Lets get Karak Making!

You will need :

-3 1/2 cups of water

-2 tablespoons of Chai Karak tea mix

-1 1/2 cans of rainbow evaporated milk (We use light, it gives the Chai are lighter texture, whereas full-fat feels heavy, you can experiment and see what you like)

-1 finjan of sugar (5 tablespoons)

Begin by adding the water

Then the chai

and the sugar 

Stir and allow to boil for about 7 minutes

Then drizzle in the milk

Wait until its just about to overflow from the pot and remove immediately before it gets really messy!

Get your chosen teapot and strain the Chai Karak in it and enjoy your freshly made pot of Chai Karak :)

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For people living in the UAE, if you would like to get the Tea mix for Chai Karak simply contact the lady directly, she’s lovely and her name is Um Salim. You can contact her on: 0509187533 :)