After buying the book before coming to London, I was already going crazy over The Ice Creamist, I loved EVERYTHING about them! Then when I came to London I had to go! Today while strolling The Market at Covent Garden I suddenly see a skull sign on my far right & I knew it was them! You should of seen my reaction haha. You all now probably know my fanatic love of Ice Cream. I LOVE Ice cream, there I said it!

They’re famous for their extremely unique & somewhat “crazy” flavors such as “Breast milk Ice Cream,” which caused a HUGE buzz! you can read about it here 

& they’re newest flavor is a combination of Holy water, yes Holy water with some other flavors.

The servers inside were really nice & friendly, one of them told me that she liked my shirt, which had a skull bat on it, no wonder! Anyways, they alerted us on the ones that contained alcohol & I stayed away from the one filled with the stimulants of course :p & chose my favorite flavor at the moment which you all must have learnt, Popcorn.

Its the best popcorn flavored Ice cream I’ve had so far. it wasn’t salty but it was sweet, had a caramelized Popcorn flavor that was amazing, thank God I took extra spoons! We all loved it. 

you gotta love their black cones.

A definite must, You must try it when visiting London, they’re located in this address :

The Icecreamists 23/47 The market Building , South Piazza Covent Garden WC2E 8RF

Love, food, & Rock n Roll IceCream,