Kings Cross Ice Cream Festival

Well what do you know, after visiting Time out London to get a glimpse of London activities going on during our stay, we were greeted with a headline that included words such as “Ice Cream” and “Festival” and it left us going gaga!

Kings Cross seemed to be hosting a two day festival that revolved around one of my favorite things, ICE CREAM. Therefore going to the festival seemed like a must!

So that’s exactly what we did, ran away from the typical shopping trips one takes during his stay in London and headed straight to Granary square where it was being run! We did get a littttle bit lost about where it was exactly, but we made it! 

We came from a back entrance and therefore couldnt see anything, but slowly & slowly we could see people coming out & holding Ice cream cups and therefore knew, this was the place. 

Suddenly, the crowds appeared, and the cutest ice cream vans and kiosks came into view! 

You could definitely see the queues you were about to go into to get a scoop of each and every sellers Ice cream therefore choosing wisely seemed crucial.

So after giving the place alittle tour to see the availabilities, we stood in line in front of a gelateria and got a taste of some of their whimsical flavors such as “Cheddar & Raspberry” which was almost sold out! And also tasted a rich coffee gelato cup which was also good.

Then, we decided to stand behind an organic ice cream seller, and as we came close and closer, we began to see smoke~! Not the hot type, but the freezing cold type! Liqiud nitrogen, where you tell them the flavor, and it gets liqiud-nitrogen-blasted right in front of you with the flavor of your choice. I decided to order two, one thats a little bit of a yummy cliche, and one for the foodie experimental side. So it was Chocolate brownies, and Crunchy popcorn.

preparing the Ice cream

Their Menu

The brownies tasted alright, but it was the popcorn I was going crazy over! It had a rich salty and nutty powder sprinkled on top of it and it tasted like a great bowl of popcorn. yum.

I also got to taste alittle bit of vanilla cola float, which was awesome. 

Finally before leaving, I insisted on trying the Frozen Yoghurt! Being a loyal customer to Pinkberry it seemed like a good change and their topping seemed really alluring. They included Blueberries, granola, coconut flakes, and agave syrup. Sounds like breakfast right? I added strawberries too and ended with a pretty yummy combo, the yoghurt tasted really nice to be honest.

and if the sugar intake got alittle to much, numerous savory places offered some delicious meals such as burgers, pizza made in the vans own pizza stone oven, Indian, and mac n cheese!

and the cutest kids were playing with the water fountains right in their undies! I wanted to steal them all! cuteness overload.

It was great way to get in touch with the aspiring Ice cream makers in London & a great place to have some Ice cream. I wish I tried EVERYTHING but oh well what to do :)

Love, & boutique Ice cream,