What should I eat for Suhoor?

So many articles have been writing about what you should do, eat, and etc for suhoor. And many people have been asking too! So I decided to read into this subject & try to figure out some simple things you could consume for Suhoor. I admit that I personally can be lazy when it comes to Suhoor, but everyday I hear more about how Important it is.

Suhoor: Refers to the meal consumed early in the morning before fasting. 

I first thought about things you could easily and lazily cook up cause we all know how it feels to wake up from your sleep. I read several articles and then asked several people around me and then reached to a satisfying conclusion!

You dont need your pans, you dont need cutlery, and anything of that sort.

You just need Laban & Dates.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense! Now give a look at the Bedouins that live in the desert, their daily diet consists of Dates & Dairy products such as Laban. And man, the strength their bodies contain is just unbelievable.

Another thing, which I find the most important, is Our Beloved Prophet peace be upon him Mohammed, you would always notice how Laban and dates were such a huge factor in his daily meals peace be upon him.

Dates are a great source of energy, the amount of nutrients and health benefits they hold are just unbelievable, and when combined with dairy products, you have a winning combo. 

I can write pages about the significance of Dates to be honest! 

So here’s my modest tip about what I think you should have tonight for Suhoor, I hope it helped answer your questions :) and I would love to hear your opinions, you can send me them on my twitter account @ShaikhaMQ 

Wishing you all a blessed Ramdan,