Well don't you say!

Its officially summer! And a year of university has passed and I cant believe it!

I must say that it feels slightly odd, waking up and not having any university assignments to do. Anyways, Its summer, and its hot! So Ice pops to the rescue.

These Ice Pops are so easy to make, require no hard labour at all, and are considered extremely healthy! I personally always slack off when it come to making smoothies in the morning, so these are a great solution. Simply pop one out of the freezer, and there you are, a fresh frozen smoothie right? And you only need two ingredients :)

Strawberry Orange Ice Pops

Ingredients (Makes 6 pops) ;

-Juices of 4 fresh oranges

-1 1/2 cups of frozen strawberries


In a blender, place the juice and strawberries and blend until everything has been blended extremely well. Then sieve the liquid in a jug and pour equal amounts into 6 Ice Pop moulds and place in the freezer. When frozen, pop one out of its mold, and enjoy!