Burn baby burn

Ever wanted an artisanal wood oven?

Well, its here.

And in a slightly…ok much more polished  look.

Kalamazoo is a company that specializes in outdoor kitchen products. And a product that has truly struck me is their Outdoor Artisanal Pizza oven. Its beautiful. And is much more efficient than the old wood stove ovens that are extremely hard to build in houses.

“Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet brings old-world pizza oven cooking to the modern outdoor kitchen with our stainless steel gas-fired pizza oven. The countertop design requires no installation, and cooking temperatures are reached in as little as 20 minutes for the ultimate convenience. After just a 45-minute pre-heat, this powerful oven can bake a Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 3 minutes.”

Please get me one now. :(

You can purchase it on their website  if you are interested.