Barcelona: La Baqueria

After some long hours in the airport and plane, we finally set foot in Dubai. Spanish grounds are now far away, and although I’m super glad to see my loved ones, theres a pinch of me thats missing Barcelona terribly

Anyways, lets not grieve. And lets look at some food.

Now a visit to Barcelona MUST include a visit to la Baqueria, positioned within the city centre, it not only offers the typical stuff you would find at any market, but also the most beautiful confectionaries, chocolates, and mini restaurants.

Here is a list of some of things available in the Market. I miss it all already.

Their Candied nuts are just amazing.

A lady packs the bags with some Chili spiced Macadamia nuts

Now look at the price tag of those Raspberries. 1 EURO. ONE EURO! Thats like what 5 Dirhams? Where here it’s like 30 Dirhams so about 6 Euros. Wow. If I lived there I would just go crazy with these.

Arabic Dates! (That were unfortunately labeled incorrectly in Arabic *Gasp*)

I always reserve egg whites from baking recipes when they dont need them and anticipate making an egg white omelet with them. I think I should just buy some of those eggs. Each one would get me about 2 cups of whites!

Fried fish balls

And the weirdest seafood item I’ve seen so far, what is it! I have no idea what it is, if anyone knows, please share! 

Enchare De menos Espana