Black Sesame Seed muffins with Black Sesame seed Streusel

From the days of when I was a small girl and to this day, one of my favorite breakfast meals ever are ten seed rusks. I simply adore them, well my whole family does too, small to big. Its become like a tradition, the staple breakfast dish we feast on upon waking up. We’d always make some hot milk and tea, pour into cups, and begin dunking the rusks into the milk and trying to pull it out before it became too soft and broke into the tea! Pure deliciousness. 

One ingredient that makes the rusks so darn yummy is the presence of black sesame seeds! I consider black sesame seeds such a middle eastern flavor. Its present in a lot of pastries, cheeses, biscuits, and so on. 

Now here in Dubai, Coffee shops are like a plaque here! They are simply EVERYWHERE. Like Ants I would say. We do go have breakfast at coffee shops quite often and a typical order would probably be a couple of muffins! Double Chocolate, Blueberry, Low fat Blueberry, Raspberry, Banana, Plain, I’ve literally memorized the flavors. 

So I decided to ditch the norm and make Black sesame seed muffins with Black Sesame Streusel.

It reminded me of the rusks, just in muffin form <3