A little review, and a recipe

Thrilled is how I feel when new restaurants open in the area, especially if I hear good reviews.

Today we decided to go have dinner at jones the grocer, which opened recently in Dubai and man is it close to my house! And I couldnt be happier.

I am just in love with the fact that they have their own grocery! (Which I will hopefully be visiting obsessively as soon as Obtain my driving license) and the fact that they give Organic food a huge priority within their foods and grocery items.

It was packed when we arrived but thankfully, there was a table available to seat us. I ordered their Chargrilled Chicken with couscous and Harissa and the plating was gorgeous! (I am a big fanatic about the saying “You eat with your eyes”) It was a really warm dish to eat and I enjoyed digging through the exotic sauce drizzled on top, to the chargrilled and crusted chicken meat, to the soft and crumbly couscous. I must say their salt tasted really appealing to me, different from the salts I’ve had before, in a very pleasant way of course.

I then toured around the grocery and simply wanted it all, their awesome cheese room is pure awesome but I did not have alot of time on my hands and I decided to come back another day preferably alone to take my time in going threw the items.

I’m really glad about the fact thats its unbelievably close to my house! And they offer Master classes! I know where I’ll be spending most of my time now.

 And now,

do you like Cookies? Brownies?

How about cookie brownies!? Crunchy on the outside, and soft and chocolaty on the inside, A brownie encased between layers of rich cookie dough filled with chocolate chips!

The recipe is available on Khaleejesque right here :) Dont be shy, and look around the website, you’ll find the latest news and articles about the latest fashion trends, lifestyle trends, and food trends! And I’m sure it’ll make its way through to your bookmarks!

I truly hope you like this as much as my Family did. ;)