Chai Karak Ice Cream ايس كريم شاي كرك

Dear Readers! From trial & testing, I’ve adjusted this recipe! Hope you give it a try & see how you like it! :) 

Well, the ice cream containers I’ve ordered are here! I’m really happy about them, finally going to store my homemade ice cream in visually pleasing containers.

I have this paranoia against unappealing packaging. I cannot stand it one bit. I might even halt cooking something until I’m sure i have a good container to keep it in. So when i placed the order for these containers, the ice cream maker stayed for a week in freezer, it was when i was extremely, truly, hideously desperate for ice cream that i made some, and well, I cant seem to bring myself to eat some. I’m sorry, thats just me.:(

Anyway, I love Chai Karak. I cant get enough of it. I can indeed “If allowed, and by that i mean metabolism wise” drink a whole kettle of it. Chai Karak is a milk and tea combination. It’s drunk in the UAE excessively. Its the “Comfort drink” we crave and love having during the day. Some people add saffron to it, cardamom, and even ginger. it depends on the palettes of the people making it. 

So, being the seasonal insomniac I am, I crept into the kitchen and tried to silently collect the apparatus needed. 

Instead of drinking Chai Karak now, I’m going to eat it.