It was a mistake, and i ate it.

There is that extreme feeling of stress that hits me when i think this thing I’m making is just not working. 

You begin by thinking of your backup plans (if you have any i guess) and try to figure out what could be done to save it all.

I didnt have any so i just leapt to plan X.

The plan today was to make Oreo whoopie pies. These were my third batches of whoopie pies this week. Been experimenting all week. Cant seem to solve the spreading of the batter when it bakes. The more i try to contain the batter, the more it spreads and makes contact with its brothers and sisters. Today, i decided to bake one tray and see how it works then bake the others. It happened again, they spread tremendously and didnt hold their puffiness. Agitated about the results, 

I dumped all the batter into a cake pan, flipped the plan, and made it a cake.

I allowed it to cool then sliced it in half and filled with an Oreo cream filling.

My mother suggested i sprinkle it with sugar then place a stencil on top.

It took us about 15 minutes to make up our minds on what to place on top.

We went through the typical Cliches of hearts, stars, and general shapes. We tried drawing the hearts but it just wasnt working, neither of us could ace the hearts, which i am now glad about. As we decided to go with an “Eat me” note. Simply wrote it on paper cake base then used a craft knife to cut through it. Placed it on the cake and dusted it with cocoa powder.

Really glad about the results, and well this isn’t a whoopie pie recipe anymore.

And to see how failures are nothing near disastrous (At rare times) here is slide show on “9 things that were invented or discovered by accident” Via HowStuffWorks