Dissolve into thee

After several burned crusts, malfunctions, and numerous final tarts plummeting and splattering on the floor a few of them managed to survive till the end.

The odor of the buttery crusts baking was just mesmerizing, and it just made me smile (When they survived that is).

Used a Sucre Pastry crust recipe and filled them with a luscious chocolate ganache infused with rose petals and finally topped with mixed berries.

This is the beginning of a fanatic tart obsession! 


-1 recipe for a sucre pastry dough.

Chocolate Rose Ganache:

-160 grams of creme friache (Qishta in Arabic)

-200grams of chocolate

-Rose petals, as many as you like

-Berries to top. 


prepare dough per recipe and bake blind, then start making the ganache by bringing the creme to a boil then plummeting it on top of the chocolate and giving it a stir until smooth, add the rose petals and continue stirring, then place it all together. 

Spoon the ganache into the crusts and top with a generous dose of delectable fruit and devour!