Spending a couple of weeks in Bangkok Thailand for the summer. It is my first time here, and the one thing i simply fell in love here was… The politeness, kind-heartedness, and warm essence they all posses. Great people, beautiful country <3 

Here are a few photos for now, 

1. Chatuchak weekend market 2.Chatuchak street art, the market holds AMAZING art work exhibitions as well as ready canvases for sale. 3.Leather store that was filled with the heads of animals that were just really haunting, also Chatuchak market. 4.The Tom Yum Kung soup i had at the Chatuchak market that did not look like any Tom Yum i’d had in my whole life, the broth was white! Nonetheless, beautiful, and the prawns that were placed in this bowl of relish were just to die for.  5.The flower bracelet i bought. I think its used in Buddha prayers. The smell it was releasing was just beautiful. 6.The warm beware message the hotel placed on the balcony window. 7,8. The salmon and squid ink dish i ordered, Salmon was delish, squid ink spaghetti, not so delish. not for me. 9.10. The Emirati newspaper i found! I immediately rushed and purchased one as i saw this man freshly placing them on the shelf! As you can see, it is black and white as it is photocopied due to the long time span between Thailand and the UAE. 11. The Thai cook book my mom bought me, which is just, perfect.  12.A rainy cab ride back home.