Orange truffles that are just way too easy.

So today was a very slow and extremely boring day. The kitchen was just screaming at me to cook something so i punched Mr.Lazy goodbye and decided to make truffles!

They were so easy and enjoyable to be honest. I finished them almost at Maghrib (Sunset) So only one photo today :p As the light was not enough to go crazy with photo’s.

Anyway, they’re very yummy. The recipe makes a small box of ABOUT 24 truffles.


230grams of chocolate chips

2 tablespoons of orange juice

1 tsp of orange zest

1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk

1 tbsp of butter

A small pinch of salt

About 2 tbsp of cocoa powder

FIRST, bring the sweetened condensed milk, orange zest, and orange juice to a boil then pour over the chocolate chips and stir! Then stir in the butter and continue stirring. Add the salt and continue stirring until it all combines.

Chill for a while until you are able to mold them into balls (45 minutes to 1 hour for me) then dip them into a bowl with about 2 tbsp of cocoa powder. Try to coat all of them with cocoa powder and YOU ARE DONE!

Mwaha i told you. Extremely easy, extremely yummy.