And i dont even like mangoes. Quite ironic huh?

My dear Auntie gave me this recipe. Of course hers tastes so much better. I always think that the origin of a recipe is always the best and most flavorsome one. Don’t you think?

Any ho, i really love this and enjoy eating it so much. Whenever Auntie makes a batch everyone dives into it and devours it in utter joy. So its great in gatherings and such.

When i made this, it tasted delicious, BUT it was extremely liquid. So i think, okay im sure, that i added way too much water to it :p. It didn’t set like it usually does.


-1 can of mango pulp (Preferably Alphonso brand, to all UAE readers, you can find it in Choitrams)

-2 packs of strawberry jelly, prepared by adding 1 cup of hot water and 1 cup of cold water. (I ADDED FOUR CUPS WHICH IS WAY TOO MUCH)

-2 cans of Creme fiache  (Qish6a in arabic)

-2 packs of dream whip

Now, simply prepare the jelly, DONT PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE. Then pour everything into a blender and well…BLEND!

Pour the mixture into whatever dish you want. You can pour it into glasses, bowls,..etc.

Allow it to set overnight, then devour like a madwoman!