Eid Mubarak is the main word that is going to be heard here for the next three days! 

Tomorrow is officially Eid Al Adha, this is “The festival of sacrifice” which is celebrated amongst all muslims of the world. It is truly divine and full of love and family gatherings. 

It is spent visiting family, friends, and spreading happiness as much as possible. Feasts are given out, an animal is sacrificed, and ovens are crowded with baked goods ready to be eaten by numerous guests.

Eid mubarak means blessed Eid. ;)

If you are interested in reading more about ‘Eid Al Adha’ please click this link:


Here are some random pictures of the preparations that are taken before the big day:

This is a very traditional sweet in our family. I simply cant remember ANY event where this delicious treat didnt attend.

Coffee is a must here in the Gulf. These small cups are used to serve traditional coffee. When a person has drunk all the coffee, a simple shake of the tiny cup allows the server to know he is done.

For now, Eid mubarak everyone. ;)