Well, the only thing i’ve been cooking these days is a simple cup of tea. While juggling school and family, its a little hard (and slightly tiring) to attempt to cook something and photograph it at the same time as the sun is down and low when i reach home from school.

Today is friday, my relaxing day. Which i like to spend having a minimal breakfast with homey food. These biscuits called Shaboorah (Or ten seed rusks), have been a traditional breakfast in my family since i was born. And every time i have them, i feel a tingling warm fuzz deep inside. 

In the UAE, fridays are first spent going to the mosque to pray Jumaa prayers (friday prayers). All the men go, listen to  a warm lecture given by the Imam, pray the friday prayers, then spent the rest of the day visiting family and relatives. Its a very slow, peaceful, and tranquility filled day for us. 

Chai Haleeb (Karak Tea) Recipe:

-1 cup of milk

-2 tea spoons of brown sugar (or normal sugar)

-A generous sprinkle of cardamon 

-Some fresh ginger (About the size of a walnut)

-A tea bag


1.Put the milk in a pan and add all the other ingredients and keep heating until it reaches a boil.

2.Keep submerging the tea bag until the milk turns into a rich beige color.

3.When it is boiling and richly colored, use a sieve to pour the liquid into a cup and discard all the solids that are left.

This is great with biscuits such as ten seed rusks. :)