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 Thooq magazine


Thooq ; A word meaning Taste; to Taste; as well as Elegance in Arabic

  Thooq is the first magazine of its kind in the Middle East, a quarterly published journal that discusses Food Culture from the Gulf region & Middle East. It is a bilingual magazine with both Arabic & English proportionally placed side-by-side throughout the entire magazine.

 It resembles a magazine, a Cookbook, and a visual story. 

 From hand picked recipes, to visually alluring photographs, & to articles written by the heart. It sheds light on the not so familiar cuisine in the Gulf, preserving the old while embracing the new. It promote new takes on Gulf cuisine, explore the world of upcoming chefs in the region, & shine the spot light on the hidden gems in the region. 


The magazine also promotes emerging Emirati start-ups, dedicating a free of charge advertisement in every issue in order to promote upcoming Food businesses in the region.


Thooq is now available to purchase at bookstores, hypermarkets, & stations all around the UAE.



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